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Open Source Drupal Modules and File Sharing Application for Atmos


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Drupal is an open source application used to build custom websites and web applications.  Drupal powers well known websites such as the White House, Warner Bros Records, Ubuntu, and NASA.

Aside from the big names Drupal has a massive install base.  2% of the websites on the entire Internet are Drupal-based.  That's an incredible number of sites considering the massive size of the Internet today.  The developer ecosystem is also quite large.  600,000 developers worldwide are focused on developing Drupal-based applications for their customers.

Web publishing platforms such as Drupal represent one of the greatest areas of innovation in the Internet ecosystem over the last decade.  These applications have allowed millions of individuals and businesses to easily create blogs, websites, and web applications very quickly.

We're adding to that rich history of innovation by providing a highly scalable cloud storage back-end to Drupal to manage unstructured content using Atmos, our scale-out storage infrastructure designed especially for web and mobile applications.

Being able to rapidly create and deploy websites is a theme that has spread to Enterprises as well.  Enterprise adoption of Drupal continues to grow as a result.  Enterprises are using Drupal to create portals, share information with users, and build public facing websites amongst other use cases.

We're big believers in contributing to the developer community here at EMC.  We have quietly been working on an open source project to allow Drupal developers to rapidly build and deploy websites and applications using the Drupal CMS and the EMC contributed modules for Atmos.

If you're building a Drupal-based application that needs to manage unstructured content such as PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint you may benefit from using the Drupal modules for Atmos.  Managing large amounts of unstructured content with Drupal is made easier when powered by Atmos because our HTTP interface scales better and is easier to manage than other storage platforms that utilize NFS and CIFS.

We have created an application called Atmos.FM that uses the contributed open source modules and the Atmos PHP wrapper to show how Drupal and other web applications can be used with Atmos.  Atmos.FM is a file sharing application based on Drupal.  Users can do things like share files and set metadata tags on files.  The metadata can then trigger Atmos policies on the back-end that may replicate or compress the object for instance.

The source code for Atmos.FM is located on Google Code.  We have also created a completely pre-configured virtual machine using VMWare workstation that consists of Atmos.FM (the custom Drupal distribution) and the LAMP stack. All you need are credentials to an Atmos instance and you can start using the application.   If you don't have access to VMWare Workstation you can use the freely available VMWare Player to run the downloaded VM.

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